Info for Prospective Buyers/Realtors
Hello from all of us here at Biltmore Terrace! 
Biltmore Terrace is an amazing place to call home and we are thrilled that you are considering joining our wonderful community!
To help with your decision I've included some important information for new and prospective Biltmore Terrace owners.  
To stay up to date on HOA information we highly encourage new owners to join this community website,, so you will receive emails from the Association with meeting invitations and current HOA updates and reminders. You will also be able to register on your own HOA Portal to set up your monthly HOA payment, to find copies of HOA documents (Meeting Minutes, Rules and Regulations, CC&R's, Insurance information, etc.) and find copies of your statements plus much more. If you find it helpful, we do encourage owners to change the delivery method of their monthly statement to electronic delivery to save the Association on postage fees. You can make this change on the portal as well. The portal web address is and all the information that you need to register will be found on your monthly statement. If you lost your statement or are not able to register for any reason then please contact the communities Assistant Manager Veronica with Ogden at and she can help you get all set up.
As a new owner you will need fill out the Resident Registration Form & Gate Form and email them to Veronica. Once that is done, she will get you your community parking pass and any remotes or keys that you need for the pool and fitness center. The pool key is also the same key for the bathroom by the pool and the pedestrian gates. The Fitness Center key is a separate key that will only open the doorknob lock. The top deadbolt lock is only used by management and it will always be unlocked unless the fitness center is closed for repairs. If you do not have a mail key you will need to contact a locksmith to replace that.   
If you plan to rent your condo, please fill out a resident retention form for your tenants and remember the shortest lease term allowed at Biltmore Terrace is 60 days. This is strictly enforced and verified.
It's important to note that Biltmore Terrace is also a no pet community for all residents. All owners and renters as well as their guests are not allowed to have or bring pets into the community. If you have a service animal or emotional support animal, please email Karl, your Community Manager (, and he can help you get this approved.
The Guardhouse is open Monday through Sat from 7:00am to 7:00pm and closed all day on Sundays. When guards are not on property, the traffic control gates will remain closed. Please make sure that the guards have a copy of your house key in case there is an emergency. The guards will only accept USPS packages for residents and all other shipped packages will be delivered to the door. If you have anyone visiting you, (friend, family, vendor etc.) please call the Guardhouse and let the guards know in advance whenever possible. Their cell phone number is 480-213-8924.
The clubhouse is not open for resident use at this time but you are welcome to reserve it for your event. You can do this by going to the Guardhouse and filling out the clubhouse rental form and leaving a $150 deposit check. The clubhouse is reserved on a first come first serve basis. You can pick up the key to clubhouse the day of the event from the Guardhouse (or a day early if your event falls on a Sunday) and you must return the key the day after the event. After the clubhouse has been inspected we can return your deposit check or void it for you.
I've included import documents that you can click on below from the Public Document section of this website which has the By-lawsCC&R's Part One, Two, & Three, Rules and Regulations, 60-Day Short Term Rental Addendum, and much more.  We encourage you to review all these forms including a document titled "What A Unit Owner Needs - Bare Walls Policy" and "Owner Insurance Info" which will have information from the HOAs insurance agent that will help make sure you have the proper coverage for your condo. We advise that you have your condo insurance agent contact the HOAs insurance agent with any questions you might have about your coverage. Their contact information is in this document.
If you ever have any HOA related questions you are welcome to call or email your Community Manager, Karl at 480-600-6567.
We are all very excited to have you be a part of our community. Whether it's now or sometime in the future, we will be excited to welcome you to your new home with us!