Cast-Iron Drainpipe Planning & Development Project


For months your Board of Directors have been researching all the shared vertical & horizontal cast-iron drainpipes that run throughout Biltmore Terrace’s buildings & common areas. A committee has been created and tasked to work with qualified professionals to develop a plan to repair or replace the cast-iron pipes in a cost effective, timely and complete manner. Knowing that an increase to the monthly dues will be needed in 2021 to pay for this project, the committee has been working tirelessly, meeting every week, to review every possible option available for this sort of job. For individuals whom seek more information on this project, you may contact us at:

Contact:   Karl Gehrin

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There are 4 separate phases of this project. Phase I includes scanning, scoping and mapping of all 6 buildings prior to starting phase II. This initial process is currently underway and is expected to be completed by the end of Sept. Phase II will consist of cleaning out all buildup and debris that currently lives within our cast iron horizontal piping throughout our 6 building complex. Following the pipe Cleaning process of all our stack pipes and below grade horizontal drains, the contractor will introduce an epoxy lining into our pipes. In Phase III our virtual stacks running vertically between walls of all our units will be also lined with epoxy following the cleaning process referenced above. These vertical stacks are referenced as our sewer drain pipes and vent stacks. Phase IV of this project will consist of repairing, replacing, and/or the relining of horizontal drain lines within everyones unit. Unfortunately all of these interior vertical pipes will need to be cleaned and lined with an epoxy and/or in some cases even replaced. Many units have already replaced, some or all, of their interior horizontal drains from the tubs, showers, sinks, washers and toilets. In as much as these interior horizontal drains are the OWNERS responsibility, we found that this would be the best time for everyone to embrace this process PRIOR to starting phases II and III.

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What is "Pull-in-Place pipe lining? Pull-in-Place pipe lining is an effective procedure that restores corroded or eroded drain, waste and vent piping systems without the costly expense and disruption of pipe replacement. The traditional solution of pipe replacement comes with a host of concerns and issues that must be dealt with. We have provided a simple comparison between the traditional type of repair versus the pull-in-place solution we chose for this project:

Traditional Pipe Repair

  • Demolition and repair/replacement of existing walls, ceilings, floors, tiles and underground structures
  • Patching and repair of the damaged structure
  • Significant inconvenience and disruption to everyone
  • Potential safety concerns for occupants and residents
  • The need to temporarily vacate condo occupants
  • Extraordinarily high monetary cost

Pull-in-Place Pipe Repair

  • Significant cost savings
  • Increased useful life of the existing pipe system
  • Minimal disruption
  • Preservation of building structures and the surrounding landscape
  • Protective liner prevents future corrosion & leaching of harmful elements into the soil

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A Project Engineer has been hired to oversee our project coordination, inspections, testing and field reporting on a daily basis.

To view the pipeline project schedule, please see our events calendar.

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Estimated project duration is approximately 14 to 16 months and is expected to begin in the 1st quarter of 2021.

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The contractor will require access to all the units when your building reaches Phase IV. Plus, any units that have not already been scanned, scoped and mapped, will require access to your unit before Phases II & Ill. To achieve this objective we will need all owners and/or residents to respond to any requests and keep informed on the progress of this project. As owners we have an obligation to our neighbors and residence to cooperate to the fullest extent possible. This especially applies to the schedules and offering some flexibility to accommodate the unexpected issues that my come as a result of this project. Timing for access will be critical for both sides, the contractors and the owners. It may take only 1 owner/resident to not respond in a timely manner, or to not cooperate with the contractor, and your lack of actions could very well delay all your neighbors project completions. Therefore, we ask for your upmost cooperation during this monumental project.

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Through the committee's due diligence and efforts, we have found a better repair method that will last longer and lower the overall price of the project.

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Dear Biltmore Terrace Homeowners and Residents,
As many of you are aware, Biltmore Terrace HOA has formed a Cast-Iron Drainpipe Planning and Development (CDPD) Committee, made up of Board Members and Homeowners. CDPD has held open weekly meetings for the last eight months to determine the best way to handle the aging cast-iron drainpipes that run throughout and under each building.  As these pipes age, the diameter of the pipes is restricted, and the cast-iron becomes brittle and cracked. When this happens, it creates serious water leaks that are very expensive to repair and restore.
During these weekly meetings, the CDPD Committee has been researching how to rehabilitate these pipes while causing the least disruption to residents' lives and keeping the annual assessment comparable to similar communities. 
The CDPD Committee has narrowed the search down to two vendors who are both highly experienced and knowledgeable with the restoration of cast-iron drainpipes in condominium communities. The two final bids for pipe restoration are both less than 2.3 million dollars, however there are additional expenses to complete the project effectively and efficiently so as of yet, we do not know the total cost. After much consideration and reviewing all options available to us to fund this project, it has been determined the best course of action is to take out a 10-year loan. The piping assessment increase, which may be more than 45%, will terminate once the loan is paid off.
We encourage all owners and residents to join the weekly committee meetings and the second educational meeting sometime in April.  It is important that you are up to date on what this project entails and everything that the Board and Committee have accomplished. Our goal is to protect the investment that each owner has by making the necessary repairs for the safety and functionality of the units while keeping Biltmore Terrace a premier property.
Weekly Meetings are on Zoom every Tuesday at 3 pm.  For current information about this project, including the link to the meetings, can be found on the community website at
We appreciated your involvement, patience, and support. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you!
On behalf of your Board of Directors,
Karl Gehring, CAAM, CMCA, AMS Community Manager
Ogden & Company, Inc.



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