Drainpipe Improvement Project

For months your Board of Directors have been researching all the shared vertical & horizontal cast-iron drainpipes that run throughout Biltmore Terrace’s buildings & common areas. A committee has been created called the Cast-iron Drainpipe Planning and Development Committee or CDPD for short.  They have been tasked to work with qualified professionals to develop a plan to repair or replace the cast-iron pipes in a cost effective, timely and complete manner. Knowing that an increase to the monthly dues will be needed in 2021 to pay for this project, the CDPD Committee has been working tirelessly, meeting every Tuesday, to review every possible option available for this sort of job. Through their due diligence and efforts, the CDPD Committee has found a better repair method that will last longer and lower the overall price of the project. We are hopeful that the repair work will be able to start sometime in the first quarter of 2021 and we encourage all owners to attend the weekly committee meetings on Zoom to stay updated on the progress the CDPC Committee makes and to provide your feedback as well as your ideas.  This is a massive undertaking which will require the cooperation & involvement of all owners in order to be successful!  All approved CDPD Committee Meeting Minutes are linked below:
Approved Meeting Minutes